The purpose of the Support Your School scheme is to raise funds for your school through the recycling of inkjet cartridges and mobile phones.

Not only will this contribute to the cost of much needed school equipment, it will also help your staff, pupils and the school’s wider community achieve a more sustainable approach to the use of cartridges and mobiles.

The Support Your School scheme is run by Environmental Business Products ltd. For 17 years we have been the UK’s largest inkjet cartridge remanufacturer, and supply private label cartridges to such names as Amazon, Office Depot, and WHSmith.

To date we have saved over 50 million inkjet cartridges and mobile phones from landfill.

The scheme is completely free and operates a zero landfill policy.

To find out more about the guidelines we follow and how Support Your School conducts itself through its work with partners, please read our Charter.