The Support Your School scheme serves the needs of schools in the UK by offering them an opportunity to raise much needed funds, regardless of school size, religious status or address. Support Your School also serves to improve the environment and follows a zero landfill policy.

Our objectives have been set with consideration of our partners and our environmental policy. We work hard to promote the scheme (and raise awareness for our participating schools), so that recycling becomes a sustainable source of income for them.

Promotion of the scheme is done as efficiently and ethically as possible, generating minimum waste by implementing intelligent communications (i.e. no mass blanket leafleting).

We work hand in hand with our school partners to make their recycling scheme as successful as possible. The individual school plays an integral role in the success of the scheme; we work to facilitate schools as best as possible to promote and implement their scheme. This is done through: providing an up to date account online for each school, providing easy to book collections and recycling materials free of charge, and giving access to support materials and advice to teachers online.

We are committed to continuously improving operational procedures and our Environmental Management Systems; protecting the natural environment in and around our workplaces. We even suggest alternate routes for our customers to explore in being environmentally responsible when wanting to recycle those products and areas that we do not cover.

As such our customers have come to recognise Environmental Business Products (EBP; the provider of the Support Your School’s scheme) for its quality, service and leadership in sustainability. EBP was voted No1 Recycler of Inkjet cartridges in the world by the trade magazine ‘Recycler’ in November 2006.


Support Your School is committed to providing outstanding customer service and environmental excellence; to reflect this we functions closely around 7 core principles:

  1. The promotion of waste reduction, reusing original products and pollution prevention.
  2. Support Your School strives to meet or exceed applicable environmental laws and regulations.
  3. To continually communicate and promote Support Your School to new schools, businesses, communities and audiences.
  4. To support our staff and schools, conducting our business in a culture of excellence, integrity and innovation in all we do. We value diversity, respect individual contributions and encourage teamwork across all levels and boundaries.
  5. We value the supporters and participants of Support Your School, and strive to maintain service that exceeds customer expectations.
  6. We continue to provide transparency in all our transactions with our schools and the general public in a way that exceeds customer expectations.
  7. Environmental Business Products continually strives to uphold its leading market position.