FAQ List

Is the scheme free to join?

The scheme is completely free to join; no charges will be made to the school at anytime.

How much will I receive per inkjet cartridge?

We give you £1 for every cartridge successfully recycled and reused.

How much will our school receive for a mobile?

We give you £3 for each mobile phone successfully recycled and reused.

Can I put mobile phones and cartridges together in the same bag?

Yes, we accept any mix of items in the same bag.

What type and brand of cartridges do you accept?

We accept a wide variety of both inkjet and mobile phones. You can check which cartridges and mobile phones we accept on our Recycle List.

Do you pay on Epson cartridges?

Unfortunately not; because of the design of the Epson cartridges, it is actually far more cost effective to make compatible equivalents than it is to reuse the originals. However, as part of our Zero Landfill Policy, we will accept them to recycle the component parts.

Do I have to include mobile phone chargers, boxes, manuals and accessories?

No, we only need the handset and the phone battery in order for you to receive payment – please do not send any other accessories.

What should I do with my SIM card?

We ask that all SIM cards are removed prior to sealing donating, but all SIM cards received by EBP will be immediately destroyed as we fully comply with all Data Protection Act laws.

How do I order more recycling bags and boxes?

To order more bags or boxes go to order materials on your member pages .

When ordering more bags and boxes, how long will it be before we receive them?

Within 2 working days.

How do I book a collection?

To request a collection, go to book a collection on your member pages .

How long before the collection takes place?

If you call us before 3pm, the collection can be booked for the next working day

When will I receive my cartridge or mobile phone recycling report?

We reconcile all accounts twice a year in January and July, but you can check your account anytime online to view your school’s progress.